Party Boards

Be the life of the soiree with these fun party boards. Charcuterie allows you to offer many snack options all on one beautiful platter. Try different flavor pairings or make it all dessert. Whatever you decided, start with Rhodes to make it easy!

Types of Boards

Savory Board

Bake Warm & Serve Artisan French Rolls or Sourdough Rolls according to the package instructions. Slice them up or serve them whole. Then add:

  • Cheese cubes, pesto, grapes, Salami, green olives, cheese slices, goat cheese, mini pickles, Calabrese, cashews, or any other savory snacks

Sweet Board

Bake Thaw, Rise & Bake or AnyTime! Cinnamon Rolls according to the package instructions. Frost with included frosting. Then add:

  • strawberries, marshmellows, chocolate almonds, blackberries, raspberries, Brie, cashews, chocolate chips
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