About Us

Rhodes Bake-N-Serv® is a family business dedicated to producing home-baked quality frozen bread and roll dough, frozen sweet rolls and partially baked frozen rolls. Rhodes is produced in the heart of Wisconsin with its headquarters in Utah.

Rhodes is devoted to helping our customers bake successfully. We offer versatile products at a great value with a no-fault guarantee.

Rhodes Tradition

In 1958, Herbert Cecil Rhodes Jr. (1896-1980) founded Rhodes Bake-N-Serv in Portland, Oregon. Rhodes frozen dough quickly became popular because caring homemakers were able to serve delicious fresh baked bread without all the mixing, kneading and cleanup of scratch baking. Now all they had to do was let the dough thaw, rise, bake and serve loaves of bread hot out of their oven! Families loved the flavor and aroma of Rhodes fresh baked bread so much that they requested yeast dinner rolls which we introduced in the 1970s. Rolls were immediately accepted and became a family tradition across America.

Since then, Rhodes added many other roll varieties such as Texas Rolls, Wheat rolls, Cinnamon rolls and more which you can find on this website under Products.  The tradition of quality established by Mr. Rhodes continues as our highly trained employees use only quality-tested ingredients and follow stringent production standards.

Rhodes understands producing the best bread and rolls takes not only top quality ingredients, but happy, devoted employees. Rhodes strives to provide a positive work environment, focused on people. We provide our employees with ample benefits and opportunities so they feel engaged and truly appreciated.

We hope Rhodes will become a family tradition in your home too!