Thank you for inviting us to your table, since 1958. Our history is made by those who bring their family and friends together around the table with our bread and rolls. Take a moment to share a memory of baking with Rhodes.

The Story Of Rhodes

EST. 1958

1958 – Herbert Cecil Rhodes founded Rhodes Bake-N-Serv with the single item of frozen bread dough. Early on, Rhodes adopted the “No-Fault Guarantee” and still follows the statement today.


1962 – Ken Sr. and Ethel Farnsworth introduce Rhodes to Idaho.

1963 – Ken Jr. & Zoe Farnsworth introduce Rhodes to Utah.

1967 – A three-loaf package of Rhodes Bread cost 69¢.


1970 – Ken Sr. helps develop and successfully introduce Dinner Rolls.

1975 – Ken Jr. becomes a partner of Champion Bake-N-Serv.

1977 – Rhodes invents bread dough baked in its own package.


1980 – Herbert Rhodes passes away at age 84.

1986 – Champion Bake-N-Serv acquires Eddie’s Bake-N-Serv, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico from Larry and Eunice Jensen.


1990 – Kenny Farnsworth, Rhodes’ President, joins the company full time.

1990 – Ken Farnsworth, Jr. unites the two remaining franchises with corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and plants in Wisconsin and Idaho.

1991 – Rhodes Introduces Cinnamon Rolls.

1999 – The  Freezer-to-Oven AnyTime!® Rolls are introduced.


2000 – Rhodes completes new corporate offices in Murray, UT.

2005 – Rhodes adds distribution center to Wisconsin Plant.

2008 – Warm-N-Serv Rolls join the line of Rhodes products: innovative par-baked rolls that bake in minutes.


2013 – All production moves to the Wisconsin Plant.

2015 – Rhodes expands it’s offices at the Wisconsin Plant.

2016 – Rhodes begins a cultural shift, using Arbinger principles.

2016 – High Fructose Corn Syrup and Genetically Engineered Ingredients are removed from the majority of Rhodes products.

The Future

Rooted in tradition while innovating for the times, Rhodes Bake-N-Serv® plans on continuing to bring people together around the table with delicious and high quality frozen bread and rolls.

A Note From Our President
About Us

Rhodes Memory Time Capsule

My family has enjoyed Rhodes rolls for 50 years.

– Mary Y
– Lecia S

I could not live without Rhodes...they have been served at many meals for over “40” years to help me out with many recipes...a must have in the kitchen❤

– Karna H

My older brother worked at Bake-n-Serv in Auburn, WA in late '60's and My Hubby drove truck for them out of Jamestown ND back in the late '70's. Great bread! Fresh Cheese bread was sooo good!

– Linda M

Love Rhodes dough and my mom loved it ,too! She made homemade dough all her life,so that is a compliment to Rhodes!

– Tina R

I've been using Rhodes dough since we moved to Texas 25 years ago. Love it for quick and yummy pizza, etc but the all time favourite is when I make my stuffed bread [with sockeye salmon, cheese, boiled eggs, spinach and/or asparagus.]

– Terry S

Always made "bubble" bread with the frozen rolls and when the hunters came from Wisconsin, it took to batches to satisfy that bunch. Don't make it as much any more but do use the frozen cinnamon rolls for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

– Patricia Z

When I got married in 1975 I received a recipe to make easy Carmel cinnamon rolls using a loaf of your frozen bread dough, sugar, cinnamon, butter, brown sugar, and nuts. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas when my family and children gathered, I made the rolls for breakfast. I now use the recipe for my children who are grown and my grandchildren. I realize you offer cinnamon rolls, but this is my tradition of 43 years.

– Gina

For years my grandmother made her rolls from scratch. When she got older and more frail, she turned to these. They were sooo close to what she made. I still use these decades later. Can't beat them! I always get compliments from guests.

– Kathy M

In 1970 I stayed for a couple of days with my aunt and uncle. My uncle bragged about the wonderful homemade bread that his wife made and he was looking forward to having some when he came home from work that day. Expecting that we would be making bread in the morning. I am locked out to the freezer, opened it, and took out a package of Rhodes frozen bread dough. I guess today we would call it semi homemade! He was happy, none the wiser and it tasted wonderful!!

– Joyce D

I just made rolls last week. We had guests for dinner and I made soup and served dinner rolls with it. They thought I had made them for scratch. Lots of compliments went to Rhodes for making a great product.

– Sharon B

When I was a teenager in the late 60's, my mother would raise and bake Rhodes bread. My favorite was the cheese flavor that was discontinued. I miss it and wish they would bring it back!

– Kathy D

I love Rhodes frozen bread! As a young newly-wed back in the late 70's, I found your bread in the grocery store. I bought it and instantly loved your bread. 40 years later, I am still loyal to Rhodes! Why? Because after all these years your product still is consistent and delicious! Love, love, love Rhodes!

– Irma M

I let the dough rise, then roll it out flat. I make cinnamon rolls, or spread a can of Solo Poppy seed filling on the dough, roll it up and bake it. Yum!!

– Chere

My dad would fry it and then put cinnamon sugar on it. That was our desert. Loved it.

– Walsie

My mother is now 88, has always used Rhodes Dinner Rolls. She would put out a pan to rise the night before and we LOVE THE HOMEMADE TASTE OF HOT ROLLS with our meal. Rhodes is a staple in our homes and if sent to pick up frozen rolls in our supermarket it HAD TO BE RHODES (nothing else). If we had to go to 2 or 3 grocery stores, then so be it. We have SOOO many special holidays and Sunday dinner memories with Rhodes being the centerpiece.

– Jodie M

Family favorite for over 20 years and the only one I found that even compares to homemade. Always brings smiles to faces when smell it baking. Whether just plain or used for calzones, pizza, cinnamon rolls and cinnamon raisin bread.

– Sheila Q

Our family loves Rhodes bread. Once I thought I could make my mom's recipe homemade bread.. Haha it didn't rise. So that was the first time we tried your bread and have been using it ever since. Thank you for your delicious products!

– Judy H

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